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In a digital environment enriched by new technologies and super-fast broadband access—and complicated by a diversity of devices and networks—it’s become more challenging every day to deliver a meaningful online experience. The answer? Harnessing Real User Monitoring (RUM) to enable every user to enjoy your site at its best—no matter what device, browser, or network they use.

RUM collects data about your website's performance as experienced by actual users, helping you uncover crucial opportunities for optimization. Whether you're refining a mobile commerce strategy or developing mobile optimized websites, RUM empowers you to enhance your online presence.

Digital Experience

Optimize user experiences across all applications and know the business impact of every digital experience. Real user and synthetic monitoring with 4k movie-like session replay provide application optimization, enhanced customer experience and superior customer support across all digital channels.

Improve Site Performance and Increase Your ROI

Monitoring users’ actual experience helps you establish a higher standard of service and improve the performance of your site and your business. Simply put, it empowers you to take immediate action as required, prioritize resources and coordinate your efforts to improve the key performance indicators that matter most to your business.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can troubleshoot performance issues, better direct resources, and deliver smarter digital experiences to improve and track key business KPIs.

Gain Insight from the Source

Collect real-time web page requests and delivery data directly from a user’s browser or mobile application in real time about individual web page requests and deliveries.

  • Performance metrics such as bandwidth and page load times
  • Engagement metrics like bounce and conversion rates
  • Mobile user metrics like user location, device type, carrier speed and application usage

How it Works and How You Benefit

By dynamically inserting a lightweight snippet of JavaScript into your pages, RUM measures actual page loads as they happen, enabling you to:

  • Learn what proportion of users are confronting slow response times and examine the spread between those enjoying fast page loads and those probably frustrated by slower page loading
  • Determine if your site performance is improving or declining, stable or erratic, or how performance is being affected by your latest release
  • Compare response times across different groups of users, for example, between Android devices and iPhones

Real User Monitoring


Autonomous Analytics uses machine learning to understand behavioral patterns within time series data, to identify anomalies and to continuously forecast future values. Our alerts operate in real time and offer you context - correlating each incident to similar anomalies, relevant factors and the potential root cause. Detect and diagnose high-impact problems faster than is humanly possible.

The platform monitors data across your organization and tools for the widest visibility. It weeds out superficial outliers and the alert storms to show you anomalies that matter. Use our correlation engine to find and fix the root cause faster than ever.

Anticipate business events before they unfold, and optimize accordingly. By identifying your data trends in real time, Autonomous Forecast gives you the power to prevent future revenue loss and avoid unnecessary costs.


This solution uses its patented technology to learn the normal behavior of all your business metrics and constantly monitor their every move. All without configuring a thing.

Anomaly Detection

Best-in-class APM from the category leader. End-to-end visibility across modern hybrid clouds, from microservices to mainframe. Automatic full-stack instrumentation, high fidelity data in context of all transactions for greater precision and no blind spots with complete dependency mapping and precise root cause determination.

Cloud Infrastructure

Get AI-powered answers about any stack, at any scale through cloud infrastructure monitoring across cloud native and hybrid environments. Continuous auto-discovery of hosts, VMs, containers, network, events and logs. Consolidate tools with an all-in-one solution.


With our AI Engine, go beyond more "data on glass" and receive instant answers so that you can drive better business outcomes. When a problem arises that affects users, our solution will be the first to know and provide precise causation and root cause determination.

Server Monitoring

Find trends & answers to your toughest conversion questions without having to spend hours on analysis on Server Side Delays and bottlenecks -right down to the code level.

Automatically discover, baseline, and intelligently monitor dynamic multi-cloud environments.

- The Software Intelligence Platform

No more bag of tools and wasted time.
Cover it all, in one automatic,
AI-powered platform.

Application Performance

An API gateway provides a unified entry point for all API consumers and governs traffic. However, API gateways are difficult to scale, and are often restricted to a region or data center.

API Gateway pushes API governance to the edge — the server right next to your API consumer. Every globally distributed edge server acts as an API gateway to maximize the scalability and reliability of your API authentication, authorization, and quota management policies.

API Gateway allows you to handle traffic spikes without the need to manually or elastically scale your resources. The platform’s global deployment performs gateway functionality closer to your consumers and provides a gateway that is always available. It removes inconsistencies in deploying APIs and empowers you to expose APIs to the outside world with standard governance rules across the organization.

Handle planned and unplanned traffic spikes

  • Seamlessly scale as your API traffic grows
  • Eliminate the need to autoscale resources
  • No need to plan in advance to allocate or “warm” servers

Decrease time to market

  • Administrative APIs to integrate with your deployment practices
  • Onboard APIs quickly and easily using API definition files
  • Quickly expand into new geographies

Reduce infrastructure costs

  • Eliminate the man-hours spent managing gateway servers and the synchronization between them
  • Increase API reliability without maintaining multiple instances of your gateway
  • Govern APIs without the high deployment and operational costs of a full API management platform
  • Eliminate the need to replicate gateways in multiple data centers or regions

Simplify architecture with a single platform

  • Govern, secure, and deliver APIs on a single platform
  • Eliminate inconsistencies across APIs and get a single view of all API consumers
  • Integration with network and application-layer security solutions to protect from vulnerabilities and attacks

API Management

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